Mindful Hiking: The Heart of Agaete Valley

San Pedro, Agaete, Spagna


  • Activity duration: 4 hours
  • Activity duration: 240 minutes
  • Available languages: Español/English/Italiano
  • Use solar protection
  • Footwear required
  • Guided visit included


This activity offers you an alternative way to discover Agaete valley, in the northern part of Gran Canaria. It is a five senses trip that will take you across lava landscapes and farms where coffee and fruit trees grow. You will enjoy amazing views on Tamadaba Natural Park.

This is a private experience.

The guide only accepts one booking per day.

The activity depends on weather conditions. The customer and the guide might agree on changing the route or postponing it.

Transport is not included.

Length: 4 hours, loop hike. / Difficulty: low. / Distance: 7 km. / Positive slope: 486. / Negative slope: 486.

Use your five senses and get into Agaete valley, in the northern part of Gran Canaria. A mix of fragrances, colours and flavours will delight you. The tropical climate of the area is ideal for coffee farming and for the growth of fruit trees. The path takes you across green farms that face Tamadaba Natural Park, the home of an endemic type of pine tree. Leave behind the things you do not need. Breath the aromas of the path. Embrace a tree, listen to the sounds of nature and let yourself fuse with it. This hiking activity offers you an alternative way to enjoy your trip with conscience and connect with your inner self. Experience the amazing feeling of being part of the environment on an island which will play the main role in your story.

It is required: hiking shoes, water, snack, piece of fruit and a mobile phone.

Please, if you need/are taking any medicine bring them with you.

Turist Intermediation Code I-0003963.1

Registration - tourism code TA-1-0007801.36

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Enjoy this experience!

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