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Who do you want to hug? Say it through this gift bag that includes a remote hug, cloth bag, wine, cheese and a detail to make the quarantine more bearable.

SEND_A hug 💚

SEND_ A hug is an ideal gift bag to have a gesture with people whom you cannot visit right now. Imagine their emotion when receiving your hug!

Send a hug to the person you want to make feel special with Send-a Hug; A cloth bag with a dedication, wine, cheese and a detail to make the quarantine more bearable.


What does the gift bag include? 🎁

1. Eco-friendly cloth bag: Send_a Hug special quarantine cloth bag.

2. Bottle of young Agala red wine (14º): excellent cherry red wine and upper middle layer, from Bodegas Bentayga, our vineyards are located in the Parque Rural del Nublo, World Biosphere Reserve. - D.O. Gran Canaria made with varieties of listán negro and tintilla grapes.

Aroma: red fruit, cherry, plum, tactical touch, with notes of great maturity, a slight reminder of passing fruit.

Flavor: powerful attack, somewhat unctuous, with ripe tannin, with a medium palate, integrated acidity with slight permanence. Prevalence of bitterness that makes it robust.

3. Bolaños Cheese: artisan cheese from the north of Gran Canaria, from the Bolaños Cheese Factory. 50% vegetable rennet 50% traditional rennet and maturation 2 to 3 months. Awarded in Bergamo with a bronze medal at the World Cheese Awards 2019-2020.

4. Graphic novel "The vigneron of the lands" of Soria by Bertrand Sourdeis: The novel reveals the story of Bertrand Sordais, the French winemaker co-founder of Antídoto, one of the most emblematic wineries on the Soria side of Ribera del Duero. A detail of entertaining in this confinement.

5. A card with a dedication: where we will write the message you want to reach the recipient of your SEND_A HUG.

Do not forget that this bag includes the Senda Ecoway carbon footprint compensation guarantee generated during the transport of the gift bag so that the “Send a hug” experience is a neutral experience in CO2 emissions.



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In the purchase data, give us the person and the address to which you want to send it (do not forget to write the dedication)

We willl take care of the rest!

Note: Shipments ONLY in Gran Canaria.

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Enjoy this experience!

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