Discovering Old Town by Playing

Plaza Santa Ana, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España (estatuas perros)


This Norwegian family booked a Handy Visits tour to discover Las Palmas de Gran Canaria old town. At first, they did not know what to expect. Close to the dogs of Santa Ana Cathedral, Elena, a friendly guide, was looking forward their arrival and proposed a very original adventure. The participants were very curious and paid close attention to her instructions. The guide split the group into two, pirates and conquerors, and explained that the most important thing on this tour was to solve the mystery of the Canary treasure.

For that, you need to overcome cultural challenges if you want to collect as many handycoins as possible and win the game! Interaction with locals is the key to get the right answers about typical Canary dishes and other cultural insights. The pirates and conquerors walked around the old town and visited Espíritu Santo Square, Pilar Nuevo Square, Colombus´ House and Vegueta´s Market. This half Canary, half Norwegian family had a great time and would love to join another Handy Visits tour because they learned many new things at the same time they had fun.

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Enjoy this experience!