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Do´s and Don´ts for Lone Rangers

Do´s and Don´ts for Lone Rangers


Belkys Rodríguez Blanco

Lonely Planet published this year the Solo Travel Handbook. Some people decide to marry themselves and others just want to travel on their own. Both options are becoming more and more popular and, consequently, companies throw themselves into finding alternatives that meet their needs. Travelling with your backpack as your single companion can be a different experience or even a personal challenge. 

According to an article published in Tourinews by the end of last year, 73% of travellers recommend taking a solo trip. 80% of Spanish men are interested in this trend and for 67% of Spanish women it is another option for their holidays. Regarding the age, this way of doing tourism is gaining followers among the younger ones. 34% of travellers under 26 years old decided to take a solo trip and 77% would like to try it. 

Lonely Planet has focused on this age range. The result of the research is a 168-page handbook that encourages Lone Rangers to break the routine and have more self-confidence. This book includes tips to choose the perfect destination, to plan a trip itinerary, to organise a budget and also to stay physically and psychologically fit in unknown places. These do´s and don´ts are very useful for people who wants to travel alone to get to know themselves better or maybe to meet other solo travellers. 

Surveys show strong popularity of the Canary Islands as the best national solo trip destination (for 33% of men and 29% of women). Gran Canaria offers a wide range of activities that will turn your trip alone into a unique experience: dramatised, cinema, dark tourism and wine tours, climbing, paragliding, scuba diving, hiking, surfing, snorkelling, auto racing and many other options can be part of your solo experience but these activities can also connect you with other like-minded travellers. 

As Lonely Planet claims, the following are the ten basic rules travellers will learn and that will be of great help both for their personal and professional development.

You will:  

  • Learn what kind of traveller you are

  • Be more open-minded
  • Recognise your own limitations

  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin


  • Take responsibility

  • Trust your intuition
  • Learn what kind of traveller you are

  • Discover who your true friends are
  • Meet new people 
  • Focus on what is important and ignore what is not


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