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A Trip through Time Holding Hands with Cinema

A Trip through Time Holding Hands with Cinema


Belkys Rodríguez Blanco

Autumn is coming and the seventh art has arrived to a pictoresque municipality in the north of Gran Canaria. During the 6th edition of Gáldar Internacional Film Festival, the 30th anniversary of the first release of Pedro Almodóvar´s film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown will be celebrated. As reported by RTVC (local public broadcasting company), during the event 28 short films and 8 films will be presented. The programme also includes seminars and workshops on interpretation, scriptwriting and production and a section named Gáldar Rueda (Gáldar shoots), which promotes the shooting of short films during 48 hours. The actresses Lluvia Rojo, Bibiana Fernández, Mariam Hernández, María Hinojosa and the actors Daniel Holguín, Alex Hernández and the Goya-winning Carlos Santos will tell the attendees their experience in interpretation field.  

Gran Canaria has been chosen as the setting of many films. In 2016, the renowned American director, producer and scriptwriter Robert Zemeckis turned Las Palmas de Gran Canaria old town into a setting for a blockbuster. The filming Allied, set in 1942, brought to Triana and Vegueta actors like the American Brad Pitt and the French actress Marion Cotillard.  

The story of two spies who fall in love in Casablanca (Morocco) during World War II was shot in the capital city of Gran Canaria. In Remedios and Malteses streets, close to San Nicolás neighbourhood, houses and shops like those which existed in the Maghrebi country in the 40s were built. Some cinema blogs report that Zemeckis decided to shoot on the island at that very moment he saw Cairasco Square. The Gabinete Literario, cultural model of the city, captivated the Oscar-winning director and also many visitors who come to contemplate the beauty of this 19th century building which initially hosted Cairasco Theater, the first one built in the Canary Islands.  

If you are a cinema or history fan, do not hesitate to take part in a tour that will take you to the settings which witnessed the love story between Marianne (Cotillard) and Max (Pitt) during war time in the 40s. You can discover symbolic places like Cairasco Square and you will also get the chance to glance at an antique shop and see objects used both for this film and for Palm Trees in The Snow, the second highest-grossing film in Spain in 2016. During this cinema tour you can climb the tower of Santa Ana Cathedral and visit Colombus´ Museum, among other historic places part of a city that turns into a film set.  


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