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The woman-fish who conquered the ocean Sylvia Earle. Foto de RTVE.es

The woman-fish who conquered the ocean


Belkys Rodríguez Blanco

One person alone cannot change the world, but he or she can change your life. Sylvia Earle is that kind of person capable of shaking the foundations of your environment. She reinforces the idea that being passionate about what you do is a way to become more aware of certain causes and also to do your bit to help to win them. This eighty-three-year-old American marine biologist has spent more than 7,000 hours underwater. Her love for the ocean is boundless, as well as her will to respect and preserve it. 

An article published in El País describes the exciting career of this oceanographer of National Geographic who firmly believes that if people have walked on the moon they can also reach the deepest places in the sea. She states that: “There are no limitations of technology that prevent you from diving eleven kilometers depth. It is just a matter of will”. She defied convention and was the leader of a women-only expedition in 1970. The aim of Tektite II project was to analyse physical and psychological impact on human body when diving during long periods of time. 

Like many other environmental defenders, this American scientist claims that protecting the oceans is an “urgent issue”. Because of her praiseworthy efforts, this pioneer oceanographer has been bestowed with the 2018 Princess of Asturias Award for Concord. Earle has such enthusiasm that she has passed it on to many oceans defenders who follow her example to respect and protect marine life. Wando team shares her values and wants to keep her project alive.

The history and culture of each one of the eight Canary Islands is linked to the sea. Survival on this archipelago depends on marine conservation. That is why we suggest you a new way to get closer to the ocean: responsible scuba diving, day and night snorkelling, clear kayak... Discover the seafloor of Gran Canaria and learn, like Sylvia, the importance of loving and respecting a quiet world that cries out for preservation. We encourage you to become, like her, a fish that conquers the ocean.


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