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Claves para convertirse en un personaje de Juego de Tronos

Claves para convertirse en un personaje de Juego de Tronos


Hay personas que viajan por el mundo buscando las localizaciones de sus series o películas favoritas. Esto se ha convertido, indiscutiblemente, en una tendencia que va en aumento. En Dubrovnik (Croacia) se hicieron 4...

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Una historia de amor con un final “moderadamente feliz”

Esto podría ser una historia de hadas, pero no lo es. Es un relato de la vida real con sus luces y sus sombras. Y es que las personas que se mueven a nuestro alrededor ya sean amigos, conocidos o vecinos poco tienen en común con los cuentos de pr&ia ...

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La televisión digital catapulta los destinos turísticos

El iconoscopio, introducido por Vladimir Zworykin y su equipo de investigadores de RCA (Radio Corporation of America) en 1934, fue la cámara más usada para transmisiones televisivas en los Estados Unidos entre los años 1936 y 1946. Este artilugio ...

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SURCA, un foro por la igualdad en el mundo rural

Promover la igualdad de las mujeres rurales de las Islas Canarias es el objetivo principal de SURCA, un foro que se ha celebrado esta semana en la Villa de Moya en Gran Canaria. Con esta ya van tres ediciones trabajando para empoderar y visibilizar la figura femenina en el campo, un medio donde ...

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Gran Canaria: destino ‘humanfriendly’

Canarias es un destino de turismo gay por excelencia. En el año 1977, los primeros visitantes de este colectivo comenzaron a acercarse a los locales ubicados en los alrededores de Santa Catalina, en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Pero, era  ...

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WOMAD Speaks Again an International Language

The British singer-songwriter and rock composer Peter Gabriel decided to show the world during the 80s that "music is an international language that makes people gather together and which highlights how stupid racism can be". WOMAD was born based on that premise, it is a cultural festival of popular ...

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Las plataformas digitales revolucionan el turismo experiencial

El turismo experiencial es una tendencia que llegó para quedarse en las Islas Canarias. La diversidad paisajística y las bondades de un clima, considerado uno de los mejores del mundo, permiten actividades al aire libre durante todo el año. Muchas empr ...

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Do´s and Don´ts for Lone Rangers

Lonely Planet published this year the Solo Travel Handbook. Some people decide to marry themselves and others just want to travel on their own. Both options are becoming more and more popular and, consequently, companies throw themselves into finding alternatives that meet their needs. Travelling wi ...

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El mayordomo es un robot

La tecnología avanza a pasos de gigante y la inteligencia artificial y la robótica se imponen cada día en sectores como el de la gastronomía y el turismo. Aunque pueda parecer la trama de una película de ciencia ficción, ...

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Analogical Chronicle about a Digital Future

My personal digital switchover took place in the 21st century by the time I was working as an editor at a digital newspaper. The paper-based world of the 90´s I knew collapsed and it led to an avalanche of new terms, many of them in English, and to new techniques to communicate in the Internet ...

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Great Success for the Canary Islands in International Travel & Tourism Awards

The pavilion of the Canary Islands has been awarded "Best Business Stand" during the 39th World Travel Market. Furthermore, the project After-Rain Ads was "highly commended" by the International Travel & Tourism Awards in the category "Best Regional/City Campaign", as published in Twitter by the ...

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Winter Pride: The Star of Winter Tourism

Maspalomas, in the south of Gran Canaria, is getting ready for the fifth Winter Pride that will take place from the 5th to the 11th of November. This island has been chosen once again as the favourite LGBT destination in Europe. The ´Red Night Live´ will be the opening performance of thi ...

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Halloween in The Canary Islands: Among Souls And 'Finaos'

Samhain festival marks the end of summer and harvesting season. By the end of October, the darker period of the year approaches stealthily. The Celts believed that the border between our world and the 'great beyond' merged and both good and evil souls could easily trespass the boundaries. Good souls ...

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Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2018 Has Arrived

Gran Canaria Walking Festival (October 24-28, 2018) gathers hikers coming from all over the world. Nature plays the most important role on an island where beautiful landscapes are the companion of travelers. Six routes have been designed for the 6th edition of this event and among them one astronomi ...

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The woman-fish who conquered the ocean

One person alone cannot change the world, but he or she can change your life. Sylvia Earle is that kind of person capable of shaking the foundations of your environment. She reinforces the idea that being passionate about what you do is a way to become more aware of certain causes and also to do you ...

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A Trip through Time Holding Hands with Cinema

Autumn is coming and the seventh art has arrived to a pictoresque municipality in the north of Gran Canaria. During the 6th edition of Gáldar Internacional Film Festival, the 30th anniversary of the first release of Pedro Almodóvar´s film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown ...

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El Mocanal: a Girl in a Winery

On this International Day of the Girl we have interviewed Cristina Millán Martín, a woman entrepeneur who was once a girl and today is the Manager of San Juan wine cellar and El Mocanal farm in Santa Brígida, Gran Canaria. She runs a family business on winemaking her great-great ...

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The postal service was invented by storytellers

It all began with storytellers who used to wander from town to town telling stories and legends. That is how the method of oral narration was born. An oral narrator is someone who has a special gift for communication, someone who was heard and respected by their contemporaries. Human beings are soci ...

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Overbooking Summit 2018: a battle in the digital era

Tourism sector strides towards digitalisation, a modern battle which requires a good strategy to be won. This topic was the main point of Overbooking Gran Canaria Summit 2018, an event on tourism marketing and communication organised by the Cabildo (inter-island council of the Canary Islands), Gran ...

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Were there ever wolves on this Canary islet?

Some people use the words small and wild to describe it. It is a tiny universe that floats at the mercy of Atlantic currents. José Rial, poet, journalist and narrator, would live there with his family during 1913. He was the lighthouse keeper and by then the owner of the single house on the i ...

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Wando.life: a new experience in tourism

If you are ready to do so, you can turn everyday life into an adventure. If you dare, you will learn how to get to know yourself better and discover a world of experiences. Wando.life will unfold before you a red carpet of feelings and emotion. We are the compass that tells you the cardinal point yo ...

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